Logical Levels Inventory

Website: http://www.logicallevels.co.uk/

Logical Levels Inventory is an organisation providing training and coaching for companies and individuals wishing to enhance their skills in organisation and leadership.

Project Summary

Logical Levels Inventory's requirements included the need to provide information on the training services they offer, as well as a clear method of displaying their payment packages.

The design we produced reflected the client's highly structured approach to providing their coaching services. Their chosen colour palette for their brand and clear, intuitive navigation brought the site together for very cohesive aesthetics and user experience.

Key Features:

  • Bold, clear design
  • Easy, intuitive site navigation
  • Intelligible display of information

Technologies Used:

  • HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP, MySQL
  • Codeigniter PHP framework
  • Bespoke CMS Backend system